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Convert Roman Numeral to Number

Get an instant result from our numeral to number conversion tool. Read our quick guide below for details. Our number to numeral converter can help with the reverse calculation.

Quick guide

Converting roman numerals to arabic numbers using our converters is easy!

This quick guide will show you how to use the converter and how to learn about roman numerals at the same time.

Entering numerals

Simply enter numerals into the form and we'll do the rest! Any invalid characters will be automatically removed.

You don't need to worry about holding down shift or caps lock, anything you enter will be automatically converted to uppercase.

The numeral conversion supports bracket notation to assist with numbers over 3999.

Visual feedback

Our numeral converter is not only about converting a numeral to a number. Unlike the rest of the converters on the internet, our converter doesn't simply shout "INVALID!!!" if you enter an invalid numeral; we like to show you where you went wrong and provide the correct solution for you.

Chunk notation

Our 'chunk' notation provides instant feedback to the numeral you've entered. It's great for visualising the additions taking place and it's a handy guide for viewing any subtractive numerals. You can read more about our chunk notation. This is the year 1999 (or MCMXCIX) in chunk notation:


Correct numerals

If you enter a perfectly valid numeral a message will appear with a green bar

Incorrect solution

If you enter an invalid numeral, the correct numeral solution will appear with an orange bar


If you write an invalid numeral, the errors will be listed with a red bar


If a solution has any caveats, they are shown with a blue bar