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What is bracket notation?

What is bracket notation?

Essentially, it's a keyboard-friendly version of vinculum notation. Standard numeral sequences have a limit of 3999. Using bracket notation, we can extend this limit to 3999999.

Standard roman numerals can only represent numbers up to 3999. An additional system or notation was eventually created for large numbers over 3999 and up to 3999999.

This system is called Vinculum notation.

The problem with vinculum notation on a site like this is that you don't have the keys on your keyboard to represent vinculum notation.

Our solution to that problem is to allow you to express vinculum numerals in bracket notation.

Instead of writing numerals with a bar across the top, simply write those numerals in brackets.

For example, the number 14324 in vinculum notation is:


In bracket notation this becomes:


Try it out on our numeral conversion tool.