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What is chunk notation?

What is chunk notation?

Chunk notation is our very own method for displaying numeral calculations.

You'll see 'chunk notation' mentioned throughout the site.  We created chunks notation as a learning aid, to make it easy for you to see the addition process, as well as to quickly identify subtractive numerals.

Put simply, chunk notation is a representation of the calculation, based on the numbers or numerals you have entered.

For example, for the number 2000 which is represented by MM in roman numerals, the chunk notation would be:


Chunk notation helps you to see not only the addition process for the separate numerals, but also allows you to easily identify where you've typed in a subtractive numeral.

For example, the number 44 in roman numerals is XLIV. In chunk notation this becomes:


On our numeral converter, chunk notation isn't sorted into the correct order. Rather, it provides a literal feedback to the numerals you have entered, almost as though your computer keyboard had keys for each numeral (that's why we've made them look like keyboard keys!)

Try it out now on our numeral converter or number converter!