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Our tabes offer a wide range of numeral-related reference data.

Numerals by length

What's the longest numeral? What's the most common numeral length? What's the distribution by numeral length? Find out the answer in these tables.

View tables: Numerals by length

Numerals from 1 to 3999

These tables show every single standard numeral from 1 to 3999.

View tables: Numerals from 1 to 3999

Numeral years

The Numeral Years tables offer a quick reference guide to the last 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 years. All converted from number to numeral.

View tables: Numeral years

Century years in numerals

These tables show entire centuries in years, converted from number to numeral. A great reference for a history project!

View tables: Century years in numerals